God is Always Working

It's easy in today's day and age to expect instant gratification, with everything at our fingertips we never have to wait for anything. We can even order our coffee ahead of time so that's it's ready when we get there. Patience is become of a skill that we don't often need in this life. And [...]


An Impatient Moment

There are two months left in this semester at my college and my husband and I are just itching for it to be over. 8 semesters in a row with no more than a few weeks in between has officially kicked our butt and we are ready for a long restful summer. Impatience is rising [...]

Cover to Cover Series: Genesis Chapter 2 Part; The Creation of Man

There are really two important things that happen in this chapter, the creation of man and the creation of marriage. Since I didn’t want this post to be too crazy long and a bit disjointed, I decided to break it up into two parts, so look out for my next post which will be all [...]